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Your story with Parkoo | Share with us

Your story with Parkoo | Share with us


Encountered Parkoo by chance

I am an artist who only uses alcohol-based markers. I stumbled across an Instagram ad for these markers and decided to give them a shot. I was pleasantly surprised to discover that these markers are by far the best alcohol-based ink markers on the market. I know this because I have tried countless other brands and I have had the best results with Parkoo. The quality of the Parkoo markers are unparalleled and here is why:
1. Vibrancy. I was drawn to these markers initially because of how vibrant they looked in the advertisement. They are extraordinarily vibrant in real life and allow me to create exactly what I have in my imagination.
2. Blending. I came for the vibrancy, but I’m staying for the ease of blending. There is no other marker on the market that allows for such easy and beautiful transitions of colors. Look at my drawing of the pink dog for proof. Words can’t describe how beautiful these markers blend.
3. The price. You get 80 markers for only $30. This is very inexpensive compared to other alcohol marker brands, AND you get a higher quality product for a cheaper price. This set of markers truly can’t be beaten.

Some things I would change about these markers due to my personal preference:
1. I wish there was a brush tip instead of a fine tip. I prefer filling in large areas with brush tips in general, but the fine tip is nice because it allows me to color small areas.
2. I use very vibrant colors in my artwork, and I wish this set came with all vibrant colors and less brown and less grey shades because unfortunately, I do not have much use for them. Maybe I will use these colors in the future when I choose more neutral color palates.

All in all, I would recommend these markers to anyone. They’re perfect for beginner artists, professionals, to everyone in between. I love these markers and I’ve kept them close by since I bought them.
Springfield, IL USA.

By  MK

Springfield, IL USA


Great value and decent alcohol markers, lots of colors, nice case

We have been trying a lot of different brands of alcohol markers as we have two daughters who are addicted to art. They would, of course, both love to own nothing but Copic, but that is a financial nightmare. One daughter has two sets of CaliArt and those are her favorite brand now. The other daughter, who draws humans, has settled for a set of Copic skin tones only and relies on more affordable brands to round out her color needs. These ParKoo markers are the only broad-tipped alcohol markers we have, they already had lots of brush and fine and chisel, so this set rounded out the tip type selection. This set has a whopping 80 colors for only $36.99, a really good deal, and enough colors to fulfill my kids' needs. I posted a photo of a piece of paper with sample scribbles of the brands we have tried, I know it is hard when the colors are not identical, but hopefully, it will give you an idea of how they all go on the paper differently. Anyway, for the money, this was a great set, with a nice handy storage case, and I thought these went down on paper nicely. Five stars, mostly for being such a great value.

By A. Woodmansee


Never used alcohol markers before

Since I’ve never used any beforehand, I can’t make any comparisons. All I know is that I enjoyed them. I thought it was cool that, unlike traditional markers that make dark streaks whenever it is layered, these don’t. You can shade in a whole image and it won't have those obvious dark streaks that show where you layered it. You can add additional colors on top of it & blend out similar colors together. I’m also new to blending, but I found it helpful to put 2 similar shades side by side & then recolor it again with the lighter shade. Doing that did a good job of making smooth transitions. These markers BLEED. The picture above is with standard computer paper, so I went out and bought some cardstock paper from Walmart ($5- 160 pages). It’s thicker and whiter paper & the colors were easier to blend on it. There are many colors I wish I had, but I’m sure this is a common problem when marker hunting. For beginners that are dabbling in alcohol markers & are unsure of what colors they really need or what colors they often use, these are a good start. You'll be able to figure out what shades/colors to look for in the future, but satisfied for the time being. 

By Oswaldo


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