Design for Coloring Artists!Art markers, and more! Design for Coloring Artists!Art markers, and more!


Design for Coloring Artists! | ParKoo Markers

Design for Coloring Artists! | ParKoo Markers

ParKoo markers have more than 80 vibrant colors and these markers come in a wide spectrum of blendable colors. They can create seamless gradients. To every illustrator, designer, architect, comic book artist, and hobbyist, these markers are a great option for whatever project you’re working on.

These markers come in various tip sizes. Each tip dispenses ink evenly. Fine tips produce more precise lines, making them suitable for writing or detailed illustrations or turning them on their side to shade or color. Broad tips create fewer details but feel smoother and lay down bolder lines. These different tips allow for a convenient and efficient way to get the artistic perfection you seek.

Most of the marker pens are pigment- or water-based, but ParKoo Markers feature acid-free ink and quick-drying. so your work retains its quality and color over time. And ParKoo markers are waterproof. If you use the swipe of a wet brush or spilled some water, the ink is completely unaffected.

Markers dispense more ink than other kinds of pens and ink flows more freely in markers than in other pens. If you are worried about the bleed-through, we highly suggest you use some marker-friendly paper like professional art paper.

You’ll be surprised by all the different effects and techniques you’ll be able to try with ParKoo marker pens.

Go and grab a set and try your hand at creating with these unique pens now!

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