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Are ParKoo Erasable Pens Compatible with Rocketbooks?

Are ParKoo Erasable Pens Compatible with Rocketbooks?

Recently, we got some comments from our customers saying that our Parkoo erasable pens did not write smoothly on Rocketbook, while the Pilot pens worked well on that. 

In this case, we tried our Parkoo pen on the Rocketbook ordinary paper. the writing was smooth and the ink was continuous. When we erased it off, it was very clean as well. we also tried the Parkoo pen on Rocketbook special paper notebook(a special material - synthetic blender paper, which can use a wet cloth to wipe off the writing). only to find that our Parkoo pen did not write well on this special paper, the ink was not continuous.

Our technical department have done some tests, and finally found out a way to solve the problem:
1. Our factory conducted an ink adjustment test and a nib replacement test to check whether it is the ink or the nib that cause the pen could not write smoothly on the Rocketbook. In the ink adjustment test, we increased the proportion of a certain ingredient in the original ink formula, then conduct an ink tension test in order to check if there is a writing problem after the ink adjustment. After adjusting a certain formula proportion and conducting some drawing tests, we came to the conclusion that the new ink formula has not a problem in writing on normal paper Rocketbook and special paper Rockerbook.

2. In the nib replacement test, we selected the most suitable nib among varieties of nibs and compared it with the original nib. After testing, we found that the new nib wrote smoothly and continuously on both normal paper Rocketbook and special paper Rocketbook.

Now, we can draw the conclusion that the new pen with a new tip and new ink formula works well on the special Rocketbook. Later on, the new one will be put into production to replace the old one, and we will switch out all the old tips this year. Please follow us, and any suggestions, just contact us. Thank you.

Agu 16, 2020

I have a Rocketbook Everlast and I am shopping for pens to use with it. I watched the video on your website comparing ParKoo pens to Pilot pens on the Rocketbook, and I was quite impressed to see that the new tips of the ParKoo pens work just as well as a Pilot pen in a Rocketbook.

I am interested in purchasing some of these ParKoo pens with the new tips. Are they available for purchase, and, if so, how can I be certain that they have the new improved nib?

Thank you!


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