ParKoo 12 Colors Alcohol Brush Markers


  • Brushes and chisel double nibs: These double nib brushes are essential tools for your Art Project. The double heads of brush and chisel are very suitable for your different needs. Choose a brush head for cleaning, calligraphy strokes, or use a wide chisel tip to quickly color a large area.
  • 12 bright colors: Unleash your creativity color with these 12 bright colors and turn your ideas into reality. These brush marks will definitely make your artwork even better.
  • Alcohol-based inks dry immediately: never be ruined by wet inks again! Thanks to its alcohol-based formula, the ink can dry quickly. You can also easily mix and layer different colors without worrying about leaving streaks.
  • Easy to mix, no smudging: forget spots, uneven coloring. High-quality inks can be mixed seamlessly, and even for beginners, beautiful coloring effects can be achieved. In addition, your artwork will never fade or stain over time.
  • Find colors easily: no need to waste time finding the right colors. The color-coded bottle cap prevents the tip from drying out and helps you find the right color quickly.