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ParKoo Alcohol-Based Permanent Markers | Enjoy Your Time With Them

ParKoo Alcohol-Based Permanent Markers | Enjoy Your Time With Them

''So what do l think of ParKoo markers? These ParKoo markers pleasantly surprise me. I wasn't expecting the colors as nicely as they did. I was able to get them to blend and lay down smooth layers of color, and I enjoy my time with them. And they are really affordable for the price. So if you are looking for some really inexpensive alcohol based markers, you should definitely try checking out ParKoo markers. I think they are the best permanent markers I have ever used''
   - From Love2DrawManga (Artist Rebekah)

If you want something long-lasting, beautiful, and of course, fun to color with,ParKoo Permanent Markers have high-quality sets of markers to go with 36 assorted vivid and brilliant colors. These highly pigmented markers create eye-popping, vibrant impressions and fully meet your drawing needs. Unleash your creativity - with this huge range of vibrant, highly-pigmented colors, your artwork will be more splendid.

ParKoo Permanent Markers can work on most surfaces, ink marks on paper, plastic, metal, stones, photos, CDs, glass, wood, and most other surfaces. The markers are ideal for drawing, sketching, doodling, illustrating, shading, designing, rendering, manga, detail marking, and more.


The markers can do fine points, but also turn to do thicker lines is essential, you can have a versatile selection when it comes to doing many different coloring pages, or coming up with different drawings with the use of the markers that can provide the different lines needed for each one.



Alcohol-based ink dries quickly. These highly pigmented markers are designed to last against fading.ParKoo Permanent Markers always be able to dry faster than some of the other options out there, they take seconds to dry when the ink hits the paper. You no longer have to fan out the paper to get certain sections to dry before you can keep going. No more ink wasted.

This is why we invite you to check them out, as well.


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