ParKoo 80 Colors Dual Tips Alcohol Art Markers


  • Dual Tip Design: These dual-tip markers are the must-have for your Art Project. Broad and fine twin tips are perfect for your different demands. They can be used for drawing, sketching, illustrating, shading, designing, rendering, manga, and more. With these marker pens, you can draw both thin and thick lines, create various creative styles.
  • 80 Vibrant Colors: These highly pigmented markers are designed to last against fading. These permanent makers provide you with a large amount of ink, all 80 colors can be used for a long time. With included swatch card, you could find the color you need quickly and easily.
  • Quick-drying: Alcohol-based ink dries quickly, easily blend and layer different colors without worrying about leaving streaks behind. The kit is not suitable for children under 3 years old and pleases store markers horizontally to keep the ink even to both tips.
  • High Quality: All 80 dual-tip markers have color-coded caps, easy for you to organize and identify colors. A specially designed pen greatly fits your hand, making it easy to grip.
  • Durable and Highly Organized: All these marker pens are put in a durable and stable square carrying case, great for storing. The handy convenient barrel have all your pens organized and ready to be used when you need them.